• 1) All visitors please report to the farmhouse, anglers fees to be paid prior to fishing.


    2) When you have caught your bag STOP fishing second permits may be purchased.


    3) Strictly NO catch and release.


    4) Permit holders may invite one non angling guest.


    5) All litter including leaders etc. to be removed or deposited in the bins provided.


    6) NO DOGS.


    7) Anglers catch and baggage may be checked at random.


    8) All persons, their possessions and vehicles are permitted entirely at their own risk.


    9) Special rules may apply at certain times.


    10) Anyone mistreating fish or breaking rules will be banned and may place the permit holder at risk of prosecution.


    Enjoy you visit to Bratton.

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    Bratton Water Fishery
    Loxhore Cross
    EX31 4ST
    OPEN ALL YEAR - 9am to dusk.
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